Oil cleansing method

You’ll probably have the same response my daughters and their friends had “ewwww your washing your face with oil, that just gross”.  Actually it just the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin!

I started using the oil cleansing method in March.  A friend of mine who has beautiful skin told me about it,  not only does she cleanse with oil she then covers her face again with the most amazing moisturizer ever “Emu oil”.

I’ve always had trouble with my skin trying all kinds of very expensive and harsh products.  The OCM really works.  I know I sound like a commercial for skin care but…..

Our skin secretes oil, when your skin is at its dryest it still has oil on it.  Like dissolves like ( to quote my beautiful skinned friend) when you use OCM your dissolving and wiping away all the dirty oil from your face and replacing it with clean natural oil.

There are no harsh chemicals, no suds and nothing to strip your skin of its natural oil.  I even add oil to my shampoo! (jojoba it absorbs quickly)

When you strip your skin of it natural oil it starts working harder to replace it, which of course will lead to ugly skin irritation for example, pimples, blackheads,whiteheads and dry skin patches.


Jojoba oil – All skin types – personal favorite for everything!

Grapeseed – all skin types – my favorite for cleansing

Avocado – Dry and aging skin – awesome as a mask

Sunflower seed – All skin types

Olive oil – All skin types – I find it a bit heavy (great for acne when used as a mask)

Argan -All skin types especially aging skin

Castor oil – Antibacterial very drying – good for acne.

I put my oil in little containers I bought from the dollar store.

There is no need to take makeup off first or pre wash it just rinse your face with warm water, pour a little oil in your hands and apply all over your face, just massage it in always move upwards, massage it in for a couple of minutes and then let the oil sit on your face for about a minute.

Use very warm – hot water to soften the oil, use a wet facecloth and hold it on your skin for about 15 seconds and begin to wipe off, continue to rinse your facecloth and repeat until you’ve wiped all the oil from your skin.

It’s that easy, a little more time-consuming but in the end the results are awesome.

It may take some time for your skin to adjust to this new way of cleansing,  I love it because it’s a natural way of cleansing and you won’t need to buy pricey moisturizers and cleansers anymore.  One bottle of good quality Grapeseed Oil cost around $8.00 but will last a long time, the Emu Oil is quite expensive at about $17.00 for a small bottle but you only need a little and lasts about 2 months.  You can mix different oils and fragrance together as well but I prefer good old grapeseed and emu oils.

For more detailed “recipes” and the benefits of oil these are great websites :




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