Fun Friday Cocktail – Winter in Brazil

This divine cocktail is full of decadent ingredients that I love. Bring on the whipping cream.


2 oz Dark Rum

1 cup Hot Chocolate

Whipped Cream

Chocolate  Curl


Make hot chocolate. Pour heated rum into the hot chocolate. Top with whipped cream (homemade is always the best). Garnish with chocolate sprinkles or shaved chocolate.


Irish Coffee Glass

’98 Chevy Venture Adventure

I have had my most favorite vehicle EVER for a very looonnnngggg time and I love it! However it’s days are numbered.  The body is falling apart, flakes of paint fly off everyday, bits and pieces fall off on my way to work, my drivers side window doesn’t close, a/c blows hot air, I’ve had 2 racoons spend the night and a red squirrel whose chewed one of the back seat belts in half and came for a ride up the road with me until I was face to face with him on my dash, it smells like old socks, the kids have stuffed old fries and McFlurries and who knows what else in the “built in” garbage cans in the back (a moving health hazard), one side door does not open and the drivers side door often doesn’t close properly unless you lift and pull!

I often am the “chosen one”  to drive the kids and their friends to the dances that take place every month (seating for 8)!!! And am politely asked to drop them off a block away!

And the best part is my boss (whose a great guy) doesn’t let me park in the “parking lot” any more because my classic car leaks transmission fluid on the pavement!  He collects classic cars and I don’t understand why he doesn’t appreciate mine?

Well today I have had it I have finally lost my sense of humor, the guys at work one after the other came in and said “Ang can I have your keys your window is down and it’s raining” and I’d say “thanks but the window doesn’t go up anymore”  shrinking further into my seat at my desk.  The neighbour called from next door to tell me it was raining and the window was down and would I like to borrow a towel and suggested since the window didn’t go up anymore to put some plastic up (maybe with red duct tape wouldn’t that be nice).  So at the end of my day I grabbed an old towel out of the shop and prepared for the drive home…Preparing to be dripped on all the way home, water often leaks through the windshield when it rains, I’m used to this,  WELL not only was my seat soaked but my cup holder and the coffee cup I had in it this morning were full of water, I sunk into my seat and proceeded to start my van and drive home, water started pouring in through the little navigator lights on the ceiling and of course when I turned the corner got soaked!!

I have put up with my vans little quirks and smart remarks and stares from onlookers for months and have decided – No more humiliation, no more wet pants, No more 1/2 a head of windblown hair AND No more wildlife!

and have applied for a car loan.