Memories and Melancholy

This is extremely funny and quite frankly eerie, my friend and fellow blogger Polysyllabic Profundities posted a story today called “A Flood of memories from a single smell” , I had been working on mine  and was just doing the final “tweaks” this morning before work and figured I’d finish it up over my lunch break today, I received an email that she had posted and there it was! I was floored!! I called her at work to tell her what happened and she suggested I post anyway.  She and I bump into each other once in a while at the gas station, grocery store but we don’t call each other everyday and discuss our blogs, thats what makes it kinda creepy,  I guess the saying is true as she said “Great minds think alike” 🙂

I spent the better part of Sunday with my family, we all met for a “picnic” at the long-term care facility which my Dad now calls home, they have a “Celebration room” that families can book for a couple of  hours so that the residents and their families can get together and enjoy a meal or celebrate a birthday, anniversary or just because.  We’ve booked this room for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and for the big 70th birthday my parents celebrated this year.  Each time we all get together we have so much fun my Mum and Dad usually  can’t stop laughing at how my brother sister and I have never grown up we still taunt and tease each other like we did when we were younger, my Mum usually ends up saying something like..( British accent) Show some decorum girls really! and leave your brother alone!   Pfffftttt leave my brother alone the golden boy are you kidding??

After our “picnic” we took Dad out for a walk to the park where the kids could play and we could visit.  My brother, sister and I were catching up, and I mentioned this feeling I’d had earlier in the week, I just wanted to be a kid again and have no responsibilities , have my meals prepared and snacks and to have my mum organize my days, and just have fun and then I started feeling really sad and crappy , missing those fun-filled (cliché) carefree days.  My sister said it probably had to do with the cooler temperatures and rain because all of our family vacations were spent camping in tents on ground sheets in August not only cold but rainy, and it was just bringing back a memory!  She often feels this same way in August but she also remembers which I’ve totally put out of my mind,  swimming in the lake and getting out freezing just to put on a  cold wet towel!  We always had fun even though I/we gave my parents grief constantly about camping , for years we ate outdoors unprotected from the elements, rain, wind, sleet 🙂 and had mosquitos dropping in pancakes, pots of beans and cereal , birds flying over head leaving calling cards on your head which is good luck,  I learned one summer ,  good luck?? Really Mother??  So at my mothers request I’m taking my two youngest girls camping for 4 days so they can experience camping in August too, my mother will be there to prepare my meals, and organize my days. 🙂 Even though camping for many has changed with RV’s and fancy trailers, for us we’ll be sleeping in tents on the ground again during the lovely month of August!

We had a great time together on Sunday as we always do, when my Dad moved into his “new home” he gave my brother his car a beautiful Buick Regal, Dad always loved cars, loved to drive them, draw them, paint them and collect model cars ,  loved the antique car shows , my oldest daughter just bought a car a couple of months ago which he hadn’t seen yet and I finally bought a car last week .  Dad was able to see both vehicles on Sunday, he slowly made his way around both cars checking things out and seemed quite pleased with our purchases. (Dad has parkinsonism and has lost his ability to speak loudly and clearly but uses his eyes and facial expressions very very well.) Then my brother thought he’d show him the Buick now 10 years old, I quickly walked over and leaned against the car to hide a small patch of rust.  Mr. Golden Boy proceeded to show him where his two youngest daughters have artistically  put Dora stickers on the driver’s door, and where my sister in- law dragged the side of the car along the mailbox turning into the driveway,  oh lets not forget the best part…wait foorrr iiitttt the front end had been damaged when Goldie took out a deer on his way home from work!  I looked at my brother and mouthed “Stop it, enough” with a goofy look on my face thinking ” Golden Boy you are so lucky Dad can’t say anything too quickly or loudly right now!” 🙂 

I often wonder what Mum and Dad are thinking about when they see us all together with our children, do they feel the same way my sister and brother and I do when the weather turns and do  they think about those lovely August camping trips with fondness or disdain? 

My family is famous for making memories and odd traditions such as having Pizza and McDonald’s for Christmas Dinner with my Dad in the “Celebration Room”, and me chasing all my kids around the house like a crazy woman chanting “I’m gunna git the hot spoon” yeilding a hot wooden spoon from a pot of pasta,  they still  jump and scatter when I mention those words, it’s quite amusing actually, but with that for me always comes a bit of sadness I think for me it’s just that we’re all growing older and I don’t ever want the fun to end.