My beautiful Golden co worker

My co workers had been two beautiful Golden retrievers named Lincoln and Caddie short for Cadillac, we would keep each other company through the day and go for walks at lunch.  Lincoln and Caddie have both since passed away.  Lincoln was in his 17th year and Caddie passed very suddenly he was only 7.  I still miss them both, even as I’m writing this my eyes are welling up thinking about my buddies.

Lincoln and Caddie in the 2011 OSPCA Calendar.
Photos taken by Kirsten N.

I now have a new co-worker named BMR

That’s BMR on the left…I think.

He was the runt of the litter, and was so tiny when he came to his new home in Minett, we’ve spent a whole year and a bit together,  he spends most of his days monday to friday with me as the other two did,  and his other family on weekends and in the evening :).  

I still often forget who he belongs to :).

I remember carrying him outside  many,many times a day helping to house train him giving him a biscuit each time he went out.  We’d sit and play forever when “the boss” wasn’t around until he’d fall asleep in my lap while forcing me to organize my time very well. 

He’s very entertaining to have around and he’s great company, we  go for walks a lunch time and any other time we can fit them in. When I’m eating my lunch as I’m doing now he sits with his head on my lap just looking up at me…then gives up and lies on his blanket behind me and huffs, I could go on with the BMR stories but it would become a great big novel in no time.

I have had many co workers over the last few years and these dogs have been the best.  They love to see me everyday, enjoy my company, slobber and drool on me and listen to my jokes 🙂 and make me smile when I’m having a really crappy day.

Thanks Lincoln,Caddie and of course BMR.

Santa Pup BMR Christmas 2011

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