My dear sweet beautiful Mother

My Mother is 70 years young.  She crazy fun with crazy fun hair to match! 

My mother and I have not always seen eye to eye….when I was five she made me so angry and I told her so with my hands on my hips saying ” I AM BERRY BERRY ANGY WIF YOU! and so it began.

Mum and I had many years where we just never saw each others point of view.  But over the last few years things have changed considerably for the better. I see hers and I think she sees mine.

I have a better appreciation of who she is and what she’s taught me!  Things that when I was younger I took for granted. 

My mother overcame polio when she was young, breast cancer when she was older and has survived raising my brother, sister and especially me! Not to mention her grandchildren.

She is well spoken most of the time, well-travelled ,strong ,kind, resilient, bold, funny and has a love of life and all it has to offer. All things I admire in her.

She has things she says like, oh my goodness, good gracious, good grief, ee gads,I have polysporin 🙂 and my favorite “show some decorum girls”, oh and “be kind to your brother.”

She has shown me how to enjoy the outdoors, to embrace adventure, try new things with an open mind, how to cope with day-to-day things and the much bigger things that life throws my way, shown me how to toughen up, I still have so much to learn from my mother and I’m  not sure I’ll learn it all.

I am thankful for all she has given me in my life and really do appreciate all she went through trying to raise me.

I am also thankful for all the times she’s been there for me just a small example is  when I became very ill a few years ago she was there, she booked hotel rooms for the two of us so she could come to every test and appointment I had and there were many.  She gave me the courage and strength to get through it all.

She was there for me when I really needed her as she always has been.

I love You Mum