My Barefooted Inclinations

I have been a barefoot walker for a looonnnggg time and now it’s becoming a huge new fitness fad who knew?   When I walk my dogs I’m often in barefeet and love walking on hiking trails or pretty much anywhere shoeless.  So whenever I can I do 🙂  I always have, I have often been “spoken to” about this so-called awful habit of mine.  I dislike shoes with a passion often wearing, when I have to flip-flops or my beloved Burks. 

I receive Prevention Magazine every month and a monthly newsletter via email which I received today, prompting this post.  It states that walking barefoot is very beneficial to your overall health.  “Feet are sophisticated parts packed with bones, ligaments, and muscles that provide support through the arches,” , explains Marlene Reid, DPM, a podiatric surgeon in Naperville, IL. But since we all start shoving our feet into shoes by preschool, some experts believe we’re inhibiting the senses in our feet and causing the tiny muscles to weaken like an arm or leg that’s been in a cast.

Shoes can make the feet passive and unconscious because they do all the work for us.”Passive feet may be to blame for aches and pains you feel in your knees, back, and even neck. You can benefit from barefoot training even if you don’t have aches and pains. Reconnecting with the tiny muscles and the senses in your feet can help you use your whole body more effectively, warding off future injuries.
Someone recently said to me “but it’s so unhygienic!”   but as long as you don’t have any broken skin or open wounds, the skin does a pretty good job of protecting our feet,  when you think about it our feet stay in damp , dirty socks and shoes all day breading bacteria.
I also learned this which I thought was pretty cool:
Over 100 shoe-free parks and paths were founded across Europe in the past 20 years, offering the ultimate sensory experience with specially designed walking paths that meander over grass, logs, smooth stones, water, and even mud. While you can certainly kick off your shoes in any park, these destinations typically offer a setup that includes a secure place for your shoes and a means to wash off the dirt when you’re done.
So there you have it walking in your bare feet ain’t so bad after all.