Camping at Killbear Park after 30 years! – The Sequel

We survived our camping trip at Killbear Provincial Park , the girls truly impressed me, Meg’s overcame so much over our few days “roughing it” !¬† Almost no contact with friends, her fear of the dark, sleeping outside in a tent with the “active bear in campground”, and most importantly ūüôā no hair dryer or straightener!

When we first arrived the first sign we saw was ‚ÄúBrake for Snakes‚ÄĚ the girls got through that bit, then as we approached the camp office another large sign saying


Meg felt that maybe the Holiday Inn would have been a better choice for a holiday!

We got our tent up quite easily once we got it out of the box and found the instructions sewed into the inside of the bag!

We had campfires morning, noon and night, had awesome meals, a dry tent and beautiful sunny days! 

One of our lunches was spider hot dogs so fun and easy to make.

(thanks for the pizza pan Deb best thing EVER)

Dinner one night was yummy pasta and garlic bread all done on our campfire!

Pretty impressive


Boiled dishwater on the campfire.

Not to bad for a city chick

Made Popcorn (in the fire) jiffy pop is for sissies ūüôā

The¬†girls seemed to have alot of fun once they got past the “Active Bear” sign and lack of cell signal!


I made my first Inuksuk.

We hiked to Lighthouse Point and watched the sunset

¬†It gave us a chance to “re connect”,¬†often when we’re¬†at home we’re on the phone,cell phones, computers etc. This gave us a chance to really talk and just enjoy each others company. ¬†

I hated looking at the time when we were away, it was nice to wake up when we wanted to, eat when we were hungry, sleep when we were tired, have crap coffee and raisin bread or pancakes for breakfast and hit the beach and trails for the day.

We had such an awesome time I can’t wait to go again!!!

Just having fun!