Fun Friday Cocktail – Calimocho or Kalimotxo


A Calimocho (also spelled Kalimotxo) is a 50/50 mix of red wine and Coke — yeah it sounds gross, but you really, really need  to try this—it is favored by Spanish youth, looking for a sweet, cheap buzz.  Or for a frugalista with a little Portuguese blood in their veins such as myself 🙂

The drink was supposedly created — or at least named — at a festival in Algorta, Spain, in 1972, when some young entrepreneurs discovered that the wine they had planned to sell tasted not just bad but toxic, and added Coke and ice to hide the flavor. 

It is an acquired taste, think of it like sangria my favorite drink without the fruitiness.

 Calimocho should be a mix only for really really crappy wine, or in other words harsh and cheap, you don’t want to waste a good wine,  Calimocho wine should be “strong and dry”.   

 The Calimocho is a huge hit in Chile and Argentina, a red-wine-and-Coke combination is known as a jote, in Croatia, it’s a bambus, in Germany, a kora or korea. 

Maybe it will become a big hit right here in Muskoka!!

Just give it a try, as they say you haven’t lived until you’ve tried something new……


1 ounce Coke

2 ounces Rhum Clement V.S.O.P. rum (optional, just adds a little kick)

2 ounces rioja or other dry red wine.

Combine the ingredients in a tall glass filled with ice, and serve.

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