Chinese fortune…in the bedroom.

My family and I had lunch with my mum and my sister today, as always, entertaining, and since my sister is the self-proclaimed interesting one,  we, as always had alot fun and  laughs, after many tiny cups of green tea, crab legs, stirfrys and deep-fried foods we were given our fortune cookies, my favorite part….my sister showed us a new way of opening up the little bags with our cookies in them by simply placing them on the table and smacking them, BANG, nothing but a crushed cookie and our fortunes among the ruins.

As we were reading our “fortunes” out loud she suggested that we add ” in the bedroom” to the phrase hidden inside the cookie:

A man with blue eyes has a surprise for you….in the bedroom

Today is probably a huge improvement over yesterday….in the bedroom

The end is near and it’s not your fault….in the bedroom

You are not illeterate….in the bedroom

Fortune said a palm can say alot when it smacks….in the bedroom

Do not eat any chinese food today or you will be very sick….in the bedroom

A new pair of shoes will do you the world of good….in the bedroom

You will die alone and poorly dressed….in the bedroom

So next time your reading your fortune cookies give it a try it’s….in the bedroom.