Pickles by 5:15

Well just call me Angie homemaker.

I’ve just made 6 whole jars of dill pickles!! 

I got home from work at 3:45 went to the library and have made pickles all by 5:15!! 

And blogging by 5:30.

How amazing am I ? 

Amazing yes I am 🙂 

I am so amazing in fact I couldn’t find the cords for my camera to download a picture of my own so I had to steal one off the internet.

I had prepared my pickle jars last night and was ready to mix up my brew when I realized I didn’t have any salt, only a little left in the shaker. 

On my way home from work I just stopped at the “cona stoa” for the salt, quick stop at the library and  home , boil the vinegar,water and salt for 5 minutes. 

TaDa Gourmet pickles!!

I’ll let you know in 3 months how they actually taste.

I must go and prepare a hearty home cooked meal for my family….I’m thinkin its “gotta be KD” tonight.

Yours truly

Angie homemaker. 🙂


One thought on “Pickles by 5:15

  1. Dear Angie Homemaker,

    I’m thinkin that if we don’t hear from you in three months does that tell us somethin about yer picklin … and yer state of health?

    Anxious ExHomemaker and Pickle Survivor

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