Brother to Sister

This is the message my dear brother left on Facebook for me on my Birthday and the conversation that followed:

From brother to sister: FOURTY FOUR (44) is not as bad as it sounds. FOURTY FOUR (44) is a time of celebration.  it’s not a matter if the glass is half full (eg. FOURTY FOUR (44)) or if the glass is half empty (eg FOURTY FOUR (44)) it’s as simple as there is more room for wine in this glass, even at FOURTY FOUR (44).  happy birthday to my FOURTY FOUR (44) year old sister.  happpy FOURTY FOURth (44)th birthday angie. ♥ from your younger brother (eg 37) andrew

From sister to brother: Thank you ever so much for your well thought out Birthday Wish!  Can’t wait to see you on Sunday my dear young punk brother, remember the fun we had on the monkey bars??  Oh how about the fun ride we took down the stairs which resulted in two black eyes. 🙂

From brother to sister: yes who could forget, imagine me falling asleep while climbing on monkey bars resulting in a horrable fall and breaking both of my wrists.  who could forget the Heroics of my sisters rushing me to the safety of my mothers loving arms, and the joy of being with granny every day for 6 weeks at four years old.  thank you for being such a good sister to me.  and the stairs weeeeeeeeeee walkers go so fast as they thumble with the fun down slick uncarpeted stairs.  thanks for the good times sis. love ya ♥

From sister to brother: LMAO till Sunday Brother…….

The love between a brother and sister is something so special. 🙂

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