Wishes DO come true!!

Here is something I wrote in September:

The beginning: please please read on to my wish come true:

I have a birthday coming up, each birthday is a milestone for me seriously,  and I  don’t usually have a birthday wish list, but this year I do.

Ok Ok here it is:

I would like to go camping with my  younger brother and  sister.

I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

Unfortunately Thanksgiving this year falls on my birthday weekend which is when I wanted to drag them out to spend time with me, so I’m hoping if they are agreeable which I’m confident they will I’d like to go the following weekend and if that doesn’t pan out maybe after Christmas, sometime in mid January?!

I am after all hosting the family Thanksgiving meal again for the 6th consecutive year! Gosh all the cooking for all those people, the planning, the preparations, ugggh, I’m tired just thinking about it, and all on my birthday…..maybe I’ll bake a birthday cake for dessert.

I really want to spend time with the two of them, freezing our butts off,  drinking cocoa,  somewhere in beautiful Ontario.

Crazy? Well heck ya!  That’s the only way we know how to do things in my family.

I was married when my brother was 10 and I’m sure he was pleased when he became an uncle at the age of 11 and was renamed “Uncle Fru Fru” at 13!  Your welcome.

My sister and I are very close in age and are pretty good friends at the moment 🙂

All  I really would like is for the three of us to spend time together.

I’m sure they’ll make my wish come true since they love me dearly and know that I never ask for anything.  I am after all their older sister and have guided them well through their youth 🙂

Come to think of it …I think I showed them how to build the famous “Yellow Castle” .  Good times. 🙂

I loved that castle!



My mum, sister and brother planned the best birthday surprise.  They brought the “camping to me” , when my sister arrived she got out of the car carrying a dusty old guitar playing and singing Happy Birthday she does not know how to sing or play the guitar it was however the best bd song I have ever heard!


And so the celebration began, of course it was also Thanksgiving at my house again for now the 7th consecutive year in a row 🙂

My sister and I finished preparing dinner while my brother “Fru Fru” and Paul set up the surprise in the backyard…..they were very very sneaky…..

My beautiful niece Lacey had baked the most beautiful birthday cake.

We enjoyed our dinner together, started cleaning up and then more birthday singing….

We all sat and enjoyed Laceys cake and then I was called outside where I saw the most beautiful old tent, my beloved chimnea burning, an old canvas backpack full of Mega blocks and ice bucket full of ice with only 3 beers inside one for each of us.  I became very emotional and my eyes became quite watery 🙂

I can’t ever remember a time where I have felt so loved and thought of as I did at that moment.


Mum had come out singing with everyone carrying yet another beautiful cake also taken from my “bd story”

This beautiful cake was re-created by Alison Stock www.simplydecadent.ca THank you Alison!!!!

This tent has lasted since the 50’s
By appointment “Her Majesty The Queen” 🙂
Made by Black and Edgington Tent and Flag makers
Smells amazing that old canvasy smell. mmmm Love it!

The three of us enjoying our beer in my new/old birthday tent , my brother started to play the guitar, wish I could add audio!

Thank you so much to all of you for making my birthday wish come true!

This gift and all of you mean the world to me!

David, Stacey, Danielle, Lukas, Meghan, Hayleigh, Lacey, Laurissa, Cora Lee, Paul, Mum, Dad,Hans, Susan, Letitia, Andrew, Violet, Yens, Mike and Linda.

And will be happy to continue hosting Thanksgiving at our home. 🙂

I have not added many pic’s of the rest of my family as I’m sure they would not appreciate….and some of me well just not appropriate 🙂