Painfully beautiful

Today I read an article about Anti aging secrets and this one just blew me away its called skin needling!!!

skin roller derma roller

Skin needling has been used for years by medical professionals but it becoming more and more popular for at home skin care.

Skin needling rollers have about 200 very fine needles of surgical quality.

In this so called painless procedure, you roll this needle-covered device over your face to  create tiny pricks in your skin, producing a healing response similar to what happens after you cut yourself.

It is supposed to help with

Loose skin
Skin Aging

Needling does not cause permanent damage like chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser treatment.

It can induce skin’s collagen-building process and improve the absorption of anti aging ingredients applied after treatment.

You can buy one of these devices for around 200 bucks.  I don’t think soo….you know how much wine a girl could buy with 200 bucks?? 🙂

I know I’m only just 44 , I do see signs of aging, I still only cleanse my skin with grapeseed oil and moisturize with Emu oil and use goatsmilk soap and think I’ll continue with that for now, my skin is starting to wrinkle and is getting a little saggier gosh that sounds gross but today I’d rather grow old gracefully than painfully. 🙂  After all I think I’ve earned every wrinkle, stretch mark, and sag and am kinda proud of em 🙂

7 thoughts on “Painfully beautiful

    • I’ve passed too, as my friend Sue said “wrinkles and laugh lines are a sign of our endurance”. I hope I never feel the need to get rid of or diminish my “battle scars” 🙂

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