Fun Friday – Daily Prompt Challenge

I thought I’d give this one a try

“The challenge to write an entire post without using any three-letter words.”

Once upon a time about forty four years back a beautiful brown eyed baby girl took those first breaths to embark on a great adventure.

Born in October Angelas’ favorite time of year is Autumn. 

I often wonder if people born in January love snow or if born in August enjoy summer months.  It could be that Angela just simply enjoys Autumn.

Angela suffered from colic much to Angelas inexperienced young parents dismay.  Cried, fussed then cried some more.  As Angela grew older along came sister Susan with brother Andrew.

Angelas world would never be lonely again.

Ballet lessons began, piano lessons began , then along came high school track team, then Angela discovered boys to be quite enchanting.

Angela decided it would be enjoyable to become a wife….first came husband then along came David then dear Ms. Stacie.

Angela waited until David along with sister Stacie were older at which point decided that it would be entertaining to expand on their small family.

Along came Meghan with sister Hayleigh.    Such an amusing, boisterous, enjoyable, almost always entertaining, most lively time Angelas ever experienced…!

So as Angela takes those first breaths to embark on year 45 to continue on a great adventure started 44 years back , Angela is looking forward to another 45  more.



That was so fun to write!!!!!   I think I’ll try that every Friday. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Daily Prompt Challenge

    • I know this post was kinda silly but I just had so much fun writing it…..I have always loved autumn not too hot not too cold and the colors of the trees are beautiful!!
      Have you gotten any results back yet?
      Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

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