An Interview with Kevin

This post was prompted by conversations with people over the last couple of weeks.

Kevin is one of my daughters’ curling coaches,  a new follower and he really, really wanted to see his name in a post 🙂 So here it is

The Interview

Kevin – What kind of life do you have that you would even think about blogging?

Angie –  I love the idea of blogging you can connect with so many people all over the world.

A fellow blogger “Clanmother” a.k.a Rebecca Budd summed it up perfectly,

We are a community that celebrates diversity – customs, culture, languages, art and food. We are a community that shares our voices through poetry, music, dance, humour, art, and photography.  We are a community that is strong, courageous and tolerant. We are a community that wants to be a positive force for transformation – together.

That’s the kind of life I have.  What better life could one ask for?

Kevin – Do you work on your blog while you are at work?

Angie – No, I can schedule when I post things.  During my lunch break I’ll work on my blog if the mood strikes, which it usually does. 🙂

Kevin – Where do you find the time?

Angie – I make the time, instead of soaking in the tub, I’ll write, or instead of watching t.v, I’ll write, I can always find the time..:)  Some great work has been written in less than 10 minutes, especially if your writing from the heart. 🙂


In a nutshell I really enjoy blogging, I have never claimed to be a writer, maybe one day I will be, but for now, I’m enjoying what I’m doing,  I can, when I feel like it and apply myself write things that Charles Dickens would be proud of!  But for now I’m proud of me for putting my thoughts and ideas out there for many to see and  hopefully enjoy.

6 thoughts on “An Interview with Kevin

  1. Well said Angie!! I enjoy your blog and am learning more and more about you!! Looking forward to seeing if Kevin is half as interesting as YOU!! 🙂

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