Ahhhhhh Saturday, coffee, whiskey and wine.


I have been awake since 6:30 this morning which is a bit of a sleep in for me, it is now well after 9.

I have done absolutely nothing but drink coffee and read the many wonderful blogs I follow.

The girls are still sleeping, the sun is shining, and I’m still in my jammies I love it!!!

I’m just gearing myself  up for a fun-filled day of laundry, cleaning and wood splitting, well actually I’ll just be supervising that part and looking after the beverages…:)

I might just try my hand at writing a little poetry later….I’m feeling inspired, I think I’ll write this poem for my new friend The Journeyman.

Whiskey and Wine o so fine, in the winter time, snow and ice and everything nice….something like that, tee hee hee.  Keep you posted.

7 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh Saturday, coffee, whiskey and wine.

  1. I await in breathless anticipation. You must be using your sun lamp!!! Looking forward to your creation/s!! Bon Chance mon amie!

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