A Kvetching Poem on a Sunday Morning

Sunday morning
Raining and cold
Children still snoring
and it's a wee bit borin

I'm trying to write a poem
But it just ain't goin
I'd like to write Haiku
But haven't done that since high schoo

Dishes are done
Laundrys been started
My beloved feels I'm writing too much
He's so full of huff and such
and he works too much.

Some women knit, watch tv, or go to the gym,
Go to a church and sing a hymn  
This lovely woman likes to read and write
So why do I feel so contrite?

He's away again today
So whom am I left to play
The girls have their friends over
I have my chores that are never ever over

The weather is not to nice
Everything is covered in ice
If I go out I'm sure I'll pay the price
So there you have it
A Sunday morning poem
and this last part does not rhyme at all
I am finished my kvetching
maybe later I'll try my hand at sketching


Have a beautiful Sunday!

7 thoughts on “A Kvetching Poem on a Sunday Morning

  1. A well spent early morning! Too bad about the huffing bag of wind … keep on doing what you love … you are soooooooooo good at it. I love to read what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours! ox

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