Three Stars on the left hand side.


I have received a third star!!!   Susan who writes Polysllabic Profundities has given me my second star, Thank you Susan!! And Thank you for being such a supporter..and inspiration.  Her post are always thought-provoking, well written and often have a touch of humor woven in .

And my third star comes from  “Journeyman” who writes The Broken Road  you’ve got to check out his blog , his story is quite amazing and his comments always put a smile on my face.

Only 3 more to go. 🙂

Here are some awesome blogs that I’d like to nominate for another star, they are  😀

The Broken Road

My Life as a Single Mom

The Other Side of Ugly

Bailey Boat Cat

Hope*The happy Hugger

And Life Smiles


Little Ms. Wordy


Sarah Potter Writes

WISIWIS (What I see is what I shoot)

and of course my most faithful follower, commenter and mentor Clanmother

9 thoughts on “Three Stars on the left hand side.

  1. Congratulations on earning a third star! You deserve it! I’m covered up with work and Christmas right now, so I haven’t done anything with my nomination or giving stars away. When the dust settles (and it better before the end of the year!), you’ll be someone I’ll mention, too! Your blog is so interesting!

  2. Ehemm – it would seem you have forgotten to mention another loyal supporter and encouragerrrr! Congratulations on your third star … way to go … you deserve it!!

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