Weekly Photo Challenge

Cindy Bass you will love this!
Girl on Horseback

A deaf-mute girl on a horse that she has ridden for only THREE weeks!!, not to mention the song she picked out to dedicate to her deceased father! Listen to the announcer’s voice crack! The horse she is riding is not even hers; she is training it for a client and has had it only 20 days at the time of the ride shown here. Note that she rides without a saddle or halter and bit and (obviously) without voice commands. She is using the method used by North American Indians. When you think your voice can’t be heard I want each of you to watch this Video. She has no voice. She cannot hear. Yet she has persevered and achieved! Thought you all would enjoy this…


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Two more stars just in time.

Woo Hoo I’ve received 2 more stars.

Bailey Boat Cat awarded me my sixth star , and  ScanteiaSpark in English  awarded me my seventh!

Thank you to both of you for completing my “star board” Award.

Bailey Boat Cat is the most beautiful Siamese Cat who lives on a sailboat and shares his adventures with his two leggers. 🙂


Scanteia written by Victoria is full of beautiful poems, photography and stories.

You’ve got to check out both of these amazing blogs.  Thank you again!

six star

Haiku Poem ??


I’ve been thinking it might be fun to write a Haiku Poem, I haven’t tried this in such a long time, however I did remember how fun it was and the 5-7-5 rule.

NO Laughing 🙂

Haiku Poetry

Not an easy piece to write

Third line stumps me now

Okay I know lame but if you look at the guidelines for writing a Haiku poem I think I’ve nailed it , sheepish look on my face and slightly shrugging shoulders 🙂

The haiku is a Japanese verse in three lines.  Ok I’ve got three lines. 

Line one has 5 syllables. Got that too

Line two has 7 syllables. So far so good

and line three has 5 syllables. This is easy peesy.

Oh yeah I’ve got this!

Haiku is a mood poem and it doesn’t use any metaphors or similes. Hmmm I still have a little work to do…:)

Well 4 out of 5 ain’t bad