Haiku Poem ??


I’ve been thinking it might be fun to write a Haiku Poem, I haven’t tried this in such a long time, however I did remember how fun it was and the 5-7-5 rule.

NO Laughing 🙂

Haiku Poetry

Not an easy piece to write

Third line stumps me now

Okay I know lame but if you look at the guidelines for writing a Haiku poem I think I’ve nailed it , sheepish look on my face and slightly shrugging shoulders 🙂

The haiku is a Japanese verse in three lines.  Ok I’ve got three lines. 

Line one has 5 syllables. Got that too

Line two has 7 syllables. So far so good

and line three has 5 syllables. This is easy peesy.

Oh yeah I’ve got this!

Haiku is a mood poem and it doesn’t use any metaphors or similes. Hmmm I still have a little work to do…:)

Well 4 out of 5 ain’t bad

14 thoughts on “Haiku Poem ??

  1. I like writing rhymes but haven’t the …whatever it is….that it takes to write haiku. Reminds me too much of high school English class. 😦

    I might be able to draw the pretty tree that is with your post. 🙂

    • The last time I wrote Haiku was in high school as well, it’s alot harder than I remembered…I couldn’t draw the tree to safe my life, lost out on the “drawing” gene. 🙂

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