A New kid By Friday, pffftttt!

I had worked at a large family resort for a number of years, my boss at the time “Saaannnnnddrra” 🙂 would ask me if I had any “Hayleigh Stories” .  Hayleigh is my youngest daughter and has always been spirited and I am sure she is an old soul , she  has an answer for absolutely everything, a wicked sense of humor and when she is angry takes no prisoners.

I always say “she is going to be something ” and ” I pity the man she marries” 😀

I was reading a book called Have a New Kid By Friday, Hay must have seen it lying around earlier in the week.

She had come into my room one night and I was reading “the book” and I quickly tried to hide it without  much luck,  she said ” oh new kid by friday huh, how’s that working out for you?”.  REALLY?! SERIOUSLY?! I as usual, had no response but to laugh and kick her out of my room 😀

There is no book written to date deal with the likes of Hayleigh 😀

Have a New Kid by Friday: How to Change Your Child's Attitude, Behavior & Character in 5 Days


2 thoughts on “A New kid By Friday, pffftttt!

  1. Ever the read the best selling book entitled, Apples Don’t Fall Far From The Tree, by Newton. Very old book full of great ideas that have stood the test of time. Your daughter actually sounds like a real peach. No books for this condition! Pity – SOL.

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