Rumpy and DeDes’ Animal Welfare Challenge

A wonderful blog I follow is Rumpy Dog and today Rumpy has posed quite a challenge.

The Animal Welfare Blogger Challenge

The challenge is to really look at something or things that we do in our daily life that impacts animals and write a post on the subject.

I wasn’t expecting this next part which has really made me think,

“A change in action is precipitated by a change in thinking, and this challenge is designed to make you think about what actions you take in your daily life that negatively impact animal welfare.”

I have always been an animal lover, have rescue animals in my home.  I have never really thought of the above statement before and it has made me really think, my stomach actually turned a bit when reading Rumpys thoughts, I never thought which is really stupid of me that I was negatively affecting animal world.

I am well aware of the treatment of cattle, poultry and pigs and more and the impact humans have on animal habitat.

Why I have I never really,really thought about this before?!

I eat pork, chicken, fish and eggs, I never consciously think of the impact or the inhumane treatment of animals when consuming these products.

After reading what Rumpy Dog posted this morning I will be making changes as to how we as a family purchase our food, a small step I could take would be to start buying eggs from local farmers, shopping more at farmers markets etc.  Having more than one meatless meal a week…and just simply being more aware of our “footprint” on the animal world.

I have purchased our Degus, fish and Mr. Rat from a pet store but will no longer do so, I don’t purchase cats or dogs from pet stores and never will, I do not shop at stores that sell animals I will now also check the labels on our cat and dog food bags and start making changes there as well.  I know these are small steps but they are steps :D.

Thank you Rumpy Dog and DeDe for opening my eyes.