Truthful Tuesday – My fear

My name is Angie and I am afraid of buttons, yes I said buttons, they make my skin crawl, tingles go up my spine and they make me very uncomfortable one or two is ok but in a bunch forget it, even holding one is like holding an icky bug, I’m getting itchy and uncomfortable just writing and thinking about it……no laughing. 😀

I have learned that there is a name for this fear it is called Koumpounophobia!!

I’m not kidding I can’t stand these suckers, the only things I own with buttons are my jeans and one “fancy” coat.  I do not ever wear blouses or sweaters with buttons, I do have a couple of cardigans that never come out of the closet and if they do they are never done up.

I have never met another person that has this phobia.

Crazy, weird maybe stupid you say?

Well read on….:D

The fear of buttons on clothing, known as button phobia or koumpounophobia, is an irrational phobia which is, perhaps surprisingly, a fairly common fear.

Most people who suffer from this phobia are convinced that they are the only ones in the world to suffer from such a strange fear, and they are often teased or taunted by others who do not understand or believe that they are telling the truth.

Irrational fears may be evoked due to traumatic happenings in early childhood, however, most people who do suffer from button phobia seem to admit that they have been afraid of buttons for as long as they can remember. For some people, the fear can also extend to all button-like objects, such as small coins, sequins and other small discs.

Types of buttons

Some people find that plastic buttons are worse than metal ones (like the ones on jeans) or that buttons with four holes are more fear or panic-inducing than those with two.

Degrees of severity

There are several degrees of severity to the phobia, ranging from cringing when others wear buttons and chosing not to wear buttons yourself to not wanting to breathe next to buttons in fear of inhaling one or washing your hands with soap for an extended period of time after any (accidental) contact with buttons. In some people, the sight of buttons may induce vomiting. Not quite just the gag reflex kicks in 😀

Some patients have found that hypnotherapy has been of help to overcome or make their button-suffering less severe.

So there you have it, I do however have a couple of old mason jars full of assorted buttons that I bought at the “Sally Anne” , I say it’s so I can face my fear everyday…:D

This is my fear factor, put me in a room full of buttons and you’ll see some serious hysterics.


This lovely heart covered in buttons actually gives me the heebie jeebies.


This is not me…this is the lady from craftsncoffee

Who can be so comfortable and at ease holding this????

Not me


That is my truth on a Tuesday

and a

Wednesday,Thursday,Friday, Saturday,Sunday and Monday

For more button crafts visit

10 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday – My fear

    • I don’t think so, I have always feared these little round beauties 😀 not sure why they just give me the creeps , it’s like seeing a bowl full of wiggly bugs….????

  1. I have never heard of this phobia before! I didn’t even realize it existed. Thanks for sharing your secret with us.

    I have misophonia, which causes me to want to vomit and leave the room when I can hear people chewing. As such, I usually have to have a TV or Radio playing while I eat so I don’t hear everyone else… and so they don’t hear me. Ugh. My mom and daughter are VERY loud chewers, which sucks 😦

    • I guess we’re just a couple of unique individuals. 😀 I’ve never heard of midophonia…I can’t stand hearing people chew either ecchh doesn’t make me want to vomit just annoys me.

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