When You Were My Man

I’ve decided to take a popular song by Bruno Mars and twist, tweak and morph it just a tiny little bit 🙂

“When you were my Man”

Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now
Our song on the radio but it don’t sound the same
When our friends talk about you,
all it does is just tear me down
Cause my heart breaks a little when I hear your name
I hope one day you don’t say you should have bought me flowers and held my hand,
You should have given me more time,
When you had the chance to take me to every party ,
all I wanted to do was dance
Now I’m  dancing
But I’m dancing with another man
Your pride, your ego, your needs and your selfish ways
caused a good strong girl like me to walk out of your life
Now you’ll never, ever get to clean up the mess you made,
I hope what you’ve done doesn’t haunt you every time you close your eyes.
Although it hurts
I hope you’ll be the first to say that you were wrong
It’s much too late
To try and apologize for your mistakes
But I just want you to know
He loves to  buy me flowers
He wants to hold my hand
He enjoys giving me all his hours
When he has the chance
Takes me to every party
Cause he knows how much I love to dance
We do all the things we should have done
When you were my man…….
Here is the REAL Bruno Mars video “When I was your Man” one of my new fav’s 😀 😀

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