Lose your mojo?

From time to time I’m at a loss as to what to say , I know unbelievable right?

Well it’s true 😀

writers block

So I’ve compiled a list of awesome “bloggers tools” to help you out when nothing comes to mind and a couple of my own 😀

  •  Keep a journal where you jot down every new idea you have or get.
  • Stumble Upon– use the “Discover” option to find new interests.
  • inboxq – helps you find questions people are asking on Twitter, you can work on these questions and come up with better blog topics – www.inboxq.com
  • Guest posting is great if you don’t have enough time to write or do a research, a good option is to invite few friends from the same niche to do a guest post on your blog. You help them expand their presence while  keeping your readers happy.
  • The Content Idea Generator (v2) –  will automatically find news and related stories for your blog from a variety of sources.… everything from Google News to Reddit, from tweets to public Facebook updates and more.While this tool works just as well for podcasts, email newsletters and YouTube videos, It’s great for generating new ideas for blog content.
  • Diigo is a site for  a cool way to keep track of interesting articles for later blog posts, check out Diigo.  This site lets you highlight and store interesting content for quick retrieval down the road.  It supports mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Use a voice recorder/phone to store your ideas .
  • Focus Booster is a tool that many bloggers use to increase writing productivity, this app is based on the Pomodor technique, which recommends you break up your work time into 25 minute blocks separated by 5 minute breaks to improve mental agility.
  • Alltop collects headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs. 

Hope this has been helpful

Happy Blogging



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