It’s Pam’s Birthday!!!!!

happy 30

Happy Happy Birthday to Pam!
She writes a couple of awesome blogs,
Pa-Blam and Omnomalicious

Happy 30th birthday to youuuu
Happy 30th birthday to youuuu
You write darn good blogs yes you do…
How I wished I lived closer
I’d have a present for you…..
Happy 30th birthday to you…

That was just lovely wasn’t it 😀 😀

Here are some words of encouragement for you Pam as you embark on your 30th year 😀

30 is just the natural number following 29 and preceding 31. There is nothing wrong with it. Happy 30th Birthday!

I almost forgot the most important one.

You are halfway to 60. Way to go!!

I really hope you’ve had a fantastic birthday!!!!