A Poetry Contest


Time is quickly running out….
Papizilla has a Poetry Contest on a facebook page called   “We Drink Because We’re Poets”  .

I just entered my poem…..if you can call it that, but it is up to AngiesGrapevine standards 😀 😀

I’m drinking Bud Light
Hoping to win the poetry contest tonight
Papizilla my buddy and pal
Is great for my Moral
HE invited me to write
He must think I’m clever and  bright

So I said All right
I’ll get writing tonight
I never claimed to be a Farley Mowat
I’m Just a girl with a blog
Who owns an old sled dog

I drink Because I’m a poet
Who just doesn’t know it
I think this poem is quite good
Not sure how the ending should go
So I’m off to make some food
For I am

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