Daily Prompt – Comfort Zone

Daily Prompt: Comfort Zone

What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity?

I’ll make this short and sweet 😀

Usually I’m more comfortable with routine and planning I don’t usually like the unexpected …there is something to be said for routine 😀

over the last 26 almost 27 years I have had children and animals running around and I need routine I guess I’ve lost my knack to be spontaneous, there has never been room for it….

which brings me to the second part of the question 😀

As far as laissez-faire spontaneity

I’ll have to be honest

I’m not a huge fan

 I like to know what going to happen and when there are occasions where spontaneity does play a role in my life but not too often.


Happy Saturday


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Comfort Zone

  1. Although I do like a pinch of spontaneity in my life, I find that I am much more able to keep my symptoms in check with a schedule. I typically have to physically/mentally/emotionally prepare for bigger outings, so spontaneous activities are fewer and farther apart then they used to be. Married with no kids, there were times it was easy to drop anything and head out of town for a weekend. Now my Fibro is my child that I have to nurture and take care of. I do very little these days without first thinking about the effect it will have on me.

  2. Maybe plan a time in your day (for an hour) to do something spontaneous! Surprise yourself by not planning the precise activity but by doing something “just for you” – spur of the moment thought – no, dogs, cats, children or big kids allowed! Hide in the Library, go for a walk, drive to the park and sit in peace, meet a friend for a chat – anything. Spontaneous doesn’t have to be bangs and whistles … just something to satisfy your soul. 🙂 Grocery shopping by yourself doesn’t count!

  3. I think it can often depend who (husband) you live with. Mine is routine all the way. Even the bath hour is in stone. lol It can drive you crazy.

    So I just plan to be spontaneous during the half hour of his bath. (and yes it is always exactly a half hour)
    I’m wild for a half hour. 🙂

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