Can’t wait to try these eggs!!

The Vampire Diet

eggHappy Spring Equinox 🙂

I like new recipes as much as the next cook. They can be special, delicious, exciting, unique, or dead useful, but there aren’t any I would call an epiphany – until now.

One Sunday, some time ago, Adam Savage (co-host of Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” and certifiable genius in my book) tweeted a link to Gordon Ramsey making scrambled eggs. (If not this one, something very like it: That’s right, plain, ordinary scrambled eggs. Except there wasn’t anything plain or ordinary about them. It was one of the worlds most basic foods raised several dimensions. Mr. Savage has called “slow eggs” an epiphany and “life changing”. He’s right. Again. He mentions “slow eggs” again in a recent post about making perfect omelettes.

So what does that have to do with healthy eating and healthy weight? Eggs will kill you, right?

Not everyone. SOME people…

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