A Haiku for you


april 1

Happy April Fools
Snow is falling heavily
Mother Natures Joke

The Haiku RPG Kickstarter (therustybattleaxe.blogspot.com)

A Haiku a Day in April (susandanielspoetry.com)

For The Love Of Haiku 26- Happy Spring (allaboutlemon.com)

Haikus for Harper (taitailife.com)

The Ranting Papizilla

We Drink Because We Are Poets

Squirrelly Writer


Legends of Windemere

Angies Grapevine

Betty Generic

King Midget’s Ramblings

As A Drunk Sees It

Comfortably Numb

5 Degrees Of Inspiration

The Arkside of Thought

4 thoughts on “A Haiku for you

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