I wrote this Haiku in another blog of mine which I truly neglect called Angies Scratch Pad


Children grow up so quickly

Where did the time go

I am feeling so alone.

 (Photo credit: ANKTSUNAMUNH)

The Ranting Papizilla

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Squirrelly Writer


Legends of Windemere

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20 thoughts on “Alone

    • Only 2 down and 2 to go 😀 They are both at an age where the don’t seem to need me as much as they used to…friends are quite important these day 😀 Mummy doesn’t seem to know much or be as much fun as she used to be LOL. Thanks for your comment your cinnamon poem has made me hungry this morning well done 😀 😀

      • My 18-year-old and I have reached an impasse. It’s incredibly stressful and painful and it seems as though improvement is only possible when he moves out. Hopefully soon. 🙂
        Hope you find a cinnamon roll somewhere this morning.

      • It’s a tough age…they want to become adults but are not ready to let go of being a child..make sense? 😀 Unfortunately did not find a cinnamon roll!! Made do with a piece of toast 😦

      • It is really hard to step back….I’ve been feeling really disconnected from these guys lately, it will pass….I hope 😀

      • 11 going on 30, dramatic 14, at the crossroads 23 and got it almost figured out 27 😀
        11 knows everything, and apparently I just don’t get 14, and 23 well it’s hard to give “unbiased” advice and 27 forgets he has a mother 😀 😀

      • Mine are 18 and 15. The 18 year old knows everything and is selfish and self-centered beyond belief. The younger is the opposite. I fear the day when he realizes how teenagers are supposed to act and hope he never figures it out.

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