Relay For Life


I was raised by my mom and my grandmother.  My dad left when I was a tiny, tiny baby, and my mom needed help.  I had a close bond with my grandmother, but it was nothing compared to the bond that Trinity had with her.

From the moment Trinity was born, I could tell that my grandmother was in love.  I mean, who couldn’t be?  There’s just a special, special thing between a child and her great grandmother, or ‘Gram Great’ as Trinity eventually called her.

Gram Great was a smoker the majority of her life.  She quit while I was a freshman in high school, after watching her sister lose the fight to lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

She didn’t quit soon enough, though, because she was eventually diagnosed with lung cancer.  Thankfully a combination of radiation and chemotherapy helped force the lung cancer into remission.  They had…

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