A Cuppy Cake for post Three Hundred and Ten

This is my 310th post!!

Woo Hoo! WOW! Fantastic, Super, Well done and oh so Clever  😀 😀

Ok I think I have now finished “basking in my awesomeness” to quote Papizilla

Sooo on with the POST

A friend of mine posted this on facebook for me today. It was the absolute perfect timing.  I’ve had an exceptionally long day and was quickly checking fb before bed and this is what I found……….

“Straight from me to you my sugar plum ♥”

The “sugar plum” is an inside joke which I may share with you after a glass of wine or two it’s a bit of a long silly story 😀

Enjoy!!!!!  I just love this little guy and check out his eyebrows at the end.