Tuesdays Totally useless bit of information – Face plant

Before continuing with this story I must stress that in my family we love each other dearly, we are also a sarcastic,humorous bunch…we all tease each other no one is safe 😀

Not even my mother


My Mother
there aint no other
oh me oh my
My Mother

My dear ol mother wanted a free pedometer….true story
She went all the way downtown and hoped her blood pressure would be high that day,
so she’d be accepted into a research group and receive dum dee dee dum the free pedometer!!!!
Well she got it!!!
She was showing off the new pedometer and the 10’s of thousands of steps she’s taken with proof now in her hands to her walking buddy and was walking sideways with her leg brace on and her large orthopedic shoes when all of a sudden she tripped and fell on her face!!

Oh it’s not as though mother couldn’t afford a pedometer, it was just the lure of getting something for free 😀

She said when she told me her story she just wanted a sympathetic ear…pfffttttt I said and my response was this:
You won’t get one of those here Mum laughing and remember “Worse things happen at sea dear” and “There is always someone worse off than yourself” or my favorite “Up you get now and stop your fussing”

Which is something I remember hearing when I scraped my knee on my tricycle or the time I burned my elbow on the bbq….or the time when…you get the idea 😀

Mum is ok, her face is badly bruised and she’s got a black eye ,her face was cut, glasses bent and her self dignity … well there’s not much of that left is there?

I am so glad that she’s alright and didn’t break any bones, she does have a fantastic sense of humor and is using makeup so her other eye will match…..I can’t imagine!!!!!

I’d love to post her photo but that would go against the “blog” rules I must follow. 😀

Hope your feeling better soon Mummy Dearest 😀

6 thoughts on “Tuesdays Totally useless bit of information – Face plant

  1. Thank goodness for “blog rules”. I know your Mummy well and she will get a kick out of reading about herself. Great job Angie Grapevine!! I’ll print it off for her. Her printer caught fire yesterday and she has candle wax on her keyboard. Its been a difficult few days for the old dear. I think she is concussed.

  2. Glad she’s not more injured, and I hope she has a fast recovery… but lol. I’d laugh at my mom, too 😉

  3. That’s a good choice of photo you posted as a substitute for one of your mother. I used to own a pug. It was such a clown. You can be sure the one in that photo has purposely fallen on its face to show off, unlike your mother. Hope her black eye is better.

    • Sorry it’s taken so long to respond 😦
      I love pugs!! I love the little snorting noises they make 😀
      Mums eye has healed quite well thanks, I think she has learned her lesson 😀 😀 So much fun poking fun at her. 😀

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