My Manic Monday


I woke up this morning to the sounds of birds singing, without the assistance of my alarm clock!! That’s the best way to wake up!!

To start a new week I though I’d try a new yoga routine which allows me to stay in bed an extra few minutes, the book says you can do this routine on your yoga mat or just stay in bed… well that was a no brainer πŸ˜€

Once I’d finished my stretching I got up grabbed a cup of coffee and went outside with the dogs, the sun was just coming up, such a beautiful way to start the day!

I came in and started making the kids lunches grabbed drink boxes, cereal bars, cleaned up some dishes , then sat down at the computer…that’s when it began!

Turned on the computer, no internet, mini freak out it happens sometimes I just have to run down stairs and re boot the internet. Not this time!

I decided I’d put a load of laundry on, then I could hang it outside I’d have plenty of time the way my morning was going….

Woke the girls up with fresh fruit smoothies at 6:30 cause I’m such a good mom πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Hey I was having a great morning so far only if that internet had been working.

I was just getting ready to do Part two of my new Yoga workout when daughter # 3 yells “Theres no internet!! Can you go down stairs and fix it?!” she is afraid to go into the basement after one to many spooky movies

So I stop what I’m doing cause I’m such a good mom πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and run downstairs to reboot again! waited a few minutes plugged everything back in. Good. Back upstairs to re start my yoga. Ok done. I feel good. Time for a shower. We have two bathrooms which is awesome but Daughter #3 is in the tub and daughter # 2 wants a shower!!! I feel my feel good yoga, bird singing morning coming to an end.

The morning continued it was finally my turn to have a shower! Success!!

Then it began again, I felt after the weekend that all laundry had been done! HA! My stuff was sitting downstairs in the washing machine. Fantastic! Did I have a plan B? of course not it was Monday morning!!

I did find something to wear eventually…track pants and tank top should be appropiate…not πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

By this point my mindful yoga had worn off and the whole morning went to “hell in a hand basket” sorry mum

Girls lunches were almost packed, I said my goodbyes and scrambled out the door.

I finally got to work and needed to help “the boss man” set up a new printer/fax and print off invoices asap! Gawd! sorry mum

It’s not as quick and easy as some may like it to be there were 3 different cords to plug in, ink to install, software to install and to boot it’s wireless which is good but just one more step! Finally we got it going only after about 1/2 hr which is pretty good I thought.

My day went on phone ringing, emails, more invoicing, piles of paper work to go through , receipts to enter, went to a customers cottage to open up for the a/c guy came back blah blah blah, getting ready to go home and drove about a km and forgot that I never went back to lock up!! Back I go grab the keys hop in the truck, lock up, drive back and finally get into my car to go home.

As I’m pulling out someone honked at me, it was a friend of mine who I thought was still out West…so we met at the “Cona Stoa” and chatted for a while, I figured I was already late soooo…we said our goodbyes and I was almost home when I see “the boss mans” almost in the intersection, another truck behind his, and then I saw “the boss man” with a bag of dog biscuits, two dogs were running around the intersection and he was trying to get them into his truck and then what I’m not sure πŸ˜€ I pulled over and tried to help, I just ended up running up the side of the highway like a crazy lady with a bag of dog biscuits in hand saying “here doggie doggie I have treat” well I didn’t actually say that but I may as well have. “The boss man” eventually got one of the dogs and called the OSPCA to come and help out with the second dog.

By this time I still had the grocery store to go to, finally got home and forgot the friggin sorry mum popsicles the little darlings wanted πŸ˜€

And no I did not go back but I did make a lovely fresh fruit smoothie!!!!

This has been one of the worst day I have had in a long time and I won’t be doing Yoga tomorrow!!!!

I am going to bed soon because I’ve had enough, I hate to wish my days away but this is one day I can’t wait to be over with!
Just one more quick thing
Daughter # 3 has been munching most of the evening and she was into the cupboard again and I said “would you just stop eating” I didn’t really think about what I had said or I wouldn’t have said it and so it began “oh you think I’m fat?” and even as I’m proofreading Daughter # 3 is playing her music loudly right in front of me dancing and singing!! Just shoot me!! I must be quiet as not to start world war 3 πŸ˜€

Good grief Charlie Brown!!!!


“Tomorrow is a new day”

Enjoy this awesome video by The Bangles
Wow 1986 😦


3 thoughts on “My Manic Monday

  1. Smoothies and Vodka. Hope this morning went well. Never give up on Yoga. From yesterday’s wild morning, you need it .. sometime in the day!

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