5 thoughts on “Hate School , Love Education

  1. Just watched it. It’s interesting and has a lot of good points. We’re heading into a whole new revolution with regards to schooling, with the cost of tuition rising and the economies going into the dump, one has to question what will help students get jobs, function in the world, make a life for themselves… Then there’s the question of education. And, yes, exams — that are very controversial. Too bad we can’t have a sit down together, cup of tea and chat. This is a great dialogue starter. Tell your daughter I liked watching it. Paulette

    • I let her know, it is really interesting he does raise some great points, I’ve been going over some of these things in my head like a crazy lady, saying yes he has a point but…then again…driving me crazy not to mention the conversations with a 14 year old. 😀

    • I thought he raised some very good points, I tried looking at it from different points of view..can’t seem to get the questions out of my head or to come up with good answers for my daughter..:D

      • I believe it’s all political,the higher the scores,the more funding the district gets. Here in NY they are closing schools like crazy due to low scores and so when you have a student who lives in an area where his school is doing poorly it can affect him. I remember high school in NY it was so hard,half of the time most of my friends only went to home room for attendance and then split. Well I followed until one day when I decided I didn’t care I was gonna graduate and I did and got out of school by age 16 . It isn’t easy in large schools but we do get labeled by our test scores and zip codes,believe me I know!

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