11 thoughts on “If we could see inside others’ hearts.

      • I managed to hold back the tears until the little girl who was visiting her dad for the last time </3

      • So true though, we see people everyday and don’t really give it much thought….just gives me a different perspective on things…most of us don’t realize how lucky we are! 😀 Great video for kids to see too..

  1. This was definitely one of the most profound videos I’ve ever seen. Especially since my best friends husband suddenly died of a massive stroke a few weeks ago. We just never know from one minute to the next. Thank you for sharing!

    • I thought it was something people should see. I’m glad you enjoyed it , I couldn’t stop the tears…I’m glad my kids saw this too. 😀 😀 I always say to them, try and walk in someone elses shoes or to try and understand what someone else is going through….:D 😀

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