Bake for their Sake!

Get Baking!!! What an awesome idea!!!

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Dear Friends,

This Friday, July 19th, a wonderful non-profit organization called Echoing Good will be hosting an online bake sale auction to raise funds for some really amazing projects that help bring food to children in need. The baked treats are being donated by a few of my favorite food and lifestyle bloggers…and guess what? I’m one of them! (not that I’m my own favorite!…but maybe…).

Echoing Good supports community led small-scale projects, like creating sustainable school farms, by setting up the project and providing the funds to get it going. Echoing Good’s school farm project is currently helping to feed over 1,400 children every day in Uganda. THAT IS AMAZING!!! You know who else is amazing? Molly Beckert, the young women who founded and continues to run Echoing Good. She absolutely blows my mind and I love all of the good she’s putting out into this world…

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