Tofu feta, vegan, gluten free, no cook

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Having read that tofu isn’t that great, I really feel that I should be cutting back.  but it is also a brilliant low fat, high protein ingredient to keep in the cupboard.  It’s great to add vegan protein to smoothies, soup and for making this vegan feta cheese!  And who doesn’t love a great no cook meal in this heat?!

So, if you don’t mind eating tofu, I will share this recipe.

I rather like the idea of making vegan cheese.  I recently posted my recipe for making tempeh chèvre.  Now, I don’t mind eating a bit of low fat cheese – cottage cheese, babybel light and low fat mozzarella being some go-to ingredients that I might have in my fridge.  But sometimes I feel I’ve had enough dairy, or I might be feeling like a vegan day, or want something lower fat than I’m getting from my cheeses.  However…

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