Falling off the wagon Caribbean style

Well it’s Friday.
I have fallen off the wagon.
I have had 2 bottles of beer since I came home around 5, so that’s not too bad, about 1 beerĀ per hour…tee hee hee šŸ˜€
I think I will have one of these next šŸ˜€


1 1/4 ounces coconut rum (recommended: Malibu Rum
Pineapple juice, to fill

I have had Malibu coconut rum with Five Alive and Mango juice very, very nice!

I’m off to meet daughter #3 who has been enjoying an extended vacation with Grandma, nieceĀ #1 and nieceĀ #2 oh and of course my lovely sister…:D From there we are travelling two hours north to my brother’s houseĀ to drop off nieceĀ  #2.

Happy Friday!!!!