Mamas on the Soap box Again

I usually don’t have strong opinions or judge others on this blog or in my life, I am not trying to be
self-righteous and perfect



As most of you know I am a huge animal lover and have zero tolerance for any kind of animal abuse.

I don’t often voice strong opinions here, but I am doing it just this once 😀

On my way to work the news came on, I hate listening to the news, as I listened….I got goose bumps all over and chills went down my spine as my anger and disappointment rose.

A woman has been charged with cruelty to animals, for allegedly drowning a baby raccoon a public park in Midland on the Civic Holiday long weekend, the woman was seen submerging it in Little Lake, just off the beaten path, visitors to the park observed the woman one witness called police, although did not approach the woman.

Police officers responded to the scene, but the raccoon was already dead.

We are teaching our children to “Stand up to Bullies” to always do the right thing, get involved …children learn by example, so stand up and be pro active!

And yet “visitors” to the park stand idly by while someone is drowning an animal…?????

It wasn’t like she was wielding a machete or a semi automatic she was a 72-year-old woman!!

I would not have given it a second thought to approach!  How  could someone just stand there and watch something like this and know what the inevitable will be, there is no time to call the police!  These people should have acted immediately.

I know, I know it was just a menacing baby racoon….Hogwash!
and I know who am I to judge?


A couple of years ago the neighbours boys came over to show me some young kittens in a box.  I said “Oh they’re really sweet and so tiny, you better take them back to their mother, they’ll be getting cold and hungry”, they walked down the driveway and up the road towards their home, when I saw their mother walking towards them and yelling at the boys to “take that box up into the woods” as she’d told them…I looked at Paul and said “Did she just say what I think she said?”  We watched the boys come back with the box and head up the trail towards the woods, I walked towards them and said “What are you guys doing” they shrugged and kept walking , Mum was close behind, I asked again what they were doing with the box, they said “taking it into the woods”  I approached Mum, and well it wasn’t pretty or too civilized, I was floored at what was happening and could not control my anger, I took the box of kittens and brought them into the house, the next morning after a very long night we took them into the shelter.

What happened that day was so wrong on so many levels!!!

I think the boys knew this was wrong and wanted someone to stop it, that’s why they stopped here on their way, I told them quietly that they should never ever do something like this again, that it was wrong.  If they ever felt that they’d been asked to do something that they knew was wrong to say NO, no matter who it was.

I hope that one day things will change
“News” like this will not have to be told.

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