Problem of the week….


School started yesterday…. daughter #2 has started her first year of high school and is loving it!!! so far
Daughter #3 has entered grade 7.
And so with school starting so has the homework, Daughter #3 (7th grade) brought this home today:


I have six digits. My hundred thousands digit is 1 less than my ones digit, 8 greater than my thousands digit, twice my tens digit, and 4 times my hundreds digit. My ten-thousands digit is 0. What number am I?


This gives new meaning to a “really bad math exam”

 As many of you know I work with numbers for most of my day, and I’m struggling a little with this one 😀

She’s had some amount of fun tonight figuring this one out

if any of you know the answer shhhhhh!

no cheating

Wish her luck!! This is due Friday….

Thanks alot Mr. R




9 thoughts on “Problem of the week….

  1. Good luck!
    Ah, math… I remember when I liked math… I even joined a math club for a couple years in junior high (won some awards too); and then I got to high school and everything changed…

    • I never liked math 😀 She gave it her best effort last night, I told her to simplify…she handed it in this morning. Daughter #2 has had a great start at high school…hope it continues 😀

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