Hot Dang!

I am a bit late sharing this with you,

It was Daughter #3’s 12th birthday on the 26th of August

This was her cake

courtesy of her Grandmother

that’s right

her Grandmother!!!

hays cake

When Daughter #3 was visiting her dear sweet grandmother this summer with her cousin they would “check out” the boys in the area and when they saw a real cutie they’d say


So the wheels started turning in my dear mothers head and she came up with this awesome idea for her cake!!

not only did she put a half naked man on a pre teens cake she took Daughter #2  to see

We’re The Millers

enough said 😀

Raising children is a tough job but when you’ve got a mother like mine….welllll

Just kidding Mum

 We are fortunate to have such a positive role model such as yourself in our children’s lives……