Stair Bumping

In each house we grew up in, we had a set of stairs.  Personally my childhood would not have been complete without the glorious art of stair bumping!

We’d go down on our bums and run up to the top again…we’d go face first, feet first and on occasion share the stairs and go down together, all the while Mum was yelling “alright now that’s enough!”, “someone is going to get hurt” or my favorite to this day “show some decorum girls!” Hahahaha

In the late 1970’s there was “extreme stair bumping”, in a previous post I wrote about my brother riding in his baby walker down a flight of stairs……they were legal in the 70’s.

There are many different styles of “Stair bumping”  people have been known to use garbage bags, sleeping bags, mattress’ and of course cardboard, it’s just like tobogganing inside where it’s warm and cozy 😀

A definite “bucket list” item.

The best kind of bumping is just setting off from the top step on yur butt and to try to pick up speed as you go 😀

As the photo below says “why didn’t I think of this?”


If you’ve never experienced Stair bumping here’s a video to see what you’ve been missing