I told a little fib

I had a physical last week. Turns out I’m ok 😀
My test results came back and everything came back normal.
I don’t need, nor am I on any medication…true story 😀

He asked me how many drinks I had per day…
To be honest with you I don’t really know so I lied 😀
Take tonight for instance I had 1 Baileys on ice.
Last night nothing
Sunday  night 1/2 bottle of Merlot.

I told him maybe, maybe 2 drinks a night…
That may not have been a complete lie though, because if I have no drink on Monday and Tuesday then 2 or 3 bottles of beer on Wednesday then nothing Thursday that then allows me a bottle of wine on Friday…right?
It balances itself out at the end of the week….:D
Leaving Saturday and Sunday open for 2 or 3 which is “acceptable”.

But how I was to say all of that to my Dr. without him writing me out a prescription for some meds and signing me up for a local support group 😀 😀 😀

Having said all of this, I did go back to see him today, I have been feeling dizzy for a couple of days, turns out it may be “Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo”  simply put,  debris has decided to make a home somewhere in my inner ear throwing my equilibrium off . eecchhh

He checked my ears ,eyes and had me lie down, turn my head while still looking up then sit up and do again….waiting for the dizzies to stop and start again.
All I need to do are some yoga like exercises for a little while.


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