Ol’ Red the Pine Cone Hoarder

We have very large pine trees along the edge of the yard .

There are about 8 of them which means a lot of pine cones!!!!



We also have a red squirrel who loves pine cones.

We’ve named him Ol’ Red

😀 😀 😀


Every morning he’s out there climbing out onto the branches and nibbling off the pinecones and firing them down to the ground.  It can be quite entertaining and dangerous, he throws them down from quite a height and they are still green and quite heavy. Luckily it’s in an area between houses that we don’t spend anytime in.  Last year I swear he threw one at the dog and missed him by inches, it was not a straight down drop as usual, it came at an angle to the middle of the yard, a little payback for the small dog that claims a pine cone each time it drops to the ground, he’s running back and forth with his gifts that have fallen from the heavens 😀

This is what we found today!!!!!!!  This is a little weird and creepy, he’s got them all lined up to dry I think???  They are not in a pile, just all laid out flat.


This is another shot of his handy work,


6 thoughts on “Ol’ Red the Pine Cone Hoarder

  1. Those are Hallowing Butterfly cocoons, not pine cones. This is a once a century occurrence when these creatures blossom at the fool moon on October 31. You have become the honoured hostess of these usual creatures. Feed them well, sing to them and roll them over every morning to get as much sunshine as possible. Contact the local papers to send out reporters on that evening to witness their unusual flight.

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