“Librans born between the 4th and 13th of October are a little wacky by nature but harmless. If that’s you, life is a bundle of fun and you can expect the unexpected from time to time. You like the surprises that life throws at you.”

Well I think that just about sums it up 😀

Every so often I check my horoscope for fun.
I will only check it at the end of the day, I don’t want it dictating how my day will go.

Often it is accurate-ish 😀

Today’s however, was not

A forthcoming social event that you’re planning to host in your home, Angie, could inspire some minor redecorating today. You might decide to repaint your living room, or put out some new plants or pictures. Your aesthetic sense is very high today, so don’t put it off. Go to it now, while your imagination is flowing freely. You’ll be very happy with the results, and they won’t be lost on your guests!

I think not

I can barely keep the girls bathroom clean and keep up on the laundry let alone plan a party and re friggin decorate. My Aesthetic sense is void and my imagination not flowing 😀

But now that I’ve read this I am feeling a little creative, hmmmm I could move that plant over there and put that picture on that wall and move that couch………………

Do any of you read your daily horoscopes or just take life as it comes?

Epic Alaskan Adventure Day #5


Finally!  Another post about the Alaska trip.  There’s only one more day after this, which means the end is in sight!  I don’t know how I let myself get this far behind.  I just hope I can remember all the little details… or, I guess, I could dig out my notebook.  I’m not entirely sure where that is at the moment, though.

Before I start with day five, though, I need to share this photo that I totally forgot to post for day four.


Those salmon were packed in there like drivers in Philly around 5pm.  It was so weird!  The bumper-to-bumper salmon were just holding still, waiting their turn to go through the tunnel to the hatchery.  I’ve definitely never witnessed that many fish together at once before.

Now we move onto day five…

It was time to head back towards Anchorage, and we picked a few things to…

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