Sleep Serenity and the Mud Run


Daughter # 3 participated in the dirtiest fitness trend I’ve ever heard of

 “The Annual Mud Run”

The event was held on Friday.  A 2.8km race through rugged terrain and mud 😀

She was really anxious about it, she isn’t a strong runner and was afraid she wouldn’t do well, let alone finish it.  As many, she likes to do well and is really hard on herself when “perfection” is not achieved.

1100 kids from the area participated.

She suggested that she may put Febreze Sleep Serenity on herself so that whoever ran behind her would get drowsy, slow down and ultimately giving her the advantage at crossing the finish line.  😀

As it turns out she came in 1094! 😀

Guess the Febreze Sleep Serenity back fired ……………

She had an awesome day and I’m glad she decided to go, she came home covered in mud, her shoes unrecognizable and a huge smile on her face!!

Many lessons were learned on Friday for Daughter #3!