The day has come…..

We are taking down the Christmas trees and all the Christmas decorations.

I remember when I was younger my Father said that if you left your Christmas decorations up any longer than 12 days after Christmas you were in for bad luck.  So I’m getting it done one day early just to be safe 😀 😀

Growing up I remember hearing all sorts of superstitions.  Here is just a short list which I still abide by today…..don’t want to take any chances 😀


These are just a few of the many superstitions which I openly admit to believing in….:D

Hope you have an awesome Sunday!!!!

≈Laugh loudly, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly≈

10 thoughts on “Superstitious

  1. Step on a crack
    Break your mother’s back

    All those superstitions are good ones to openly admit to.
    But I’m interested in the superstitions you believe that you won’t admit to. lol

    • We would do that when we were kids walking home from school or wherever , sometimes it took for ever to get home and some pretty fancy foot work.
      I don’t have many more superstitious thoughts, other than what I’ve shared 😀 😀 I will never tell.

  2. I have heard of most of these, especially not giving a money holder (purse/wallet) empty. Another one in our house – never give someone a knife without giving silver or the new knife will cut them.

    • They are all pretty common, I’ve never heard of giving silver , for that hahaha another one to add to my list of “un rational” thought patterns. LoL!!

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