Artist Uses Entire Body to Create Larger than Life Charcoal Drawings



Artist Heather Hansen


Heather Hansen is a performance artist and painter who uses her entire body to create larger than life kinetic drawings with charcoal. Using concentric patterns with her hands, feet and body; Hansen creates large canvases in her studio and even in front of live audiences (as seen below at the Ochi Gallery in Idaho).

Heather’s primary pursuits are painting, sculpture and dance/theatre (where she has been an artistic director, teacher, costume and stage designer). You can find all of her work on her official website:

While the still images below capture some breathtaking moments, be sure to watch the Emptied Gestures video embedded below. The powerful video gives viewers a good sense of the movement, intensity and performance component of the finished artworks.

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Heather Hansen Uses Entire Body to Create Larger than Life Charcoal Drawings (3)

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